Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we charge entry fees?

We charge entry fees to pay for administering the awards, including everything from storage space and shipping (to judges and winner's pakets) to personnel and judges' fees. The reality is, it costs about $50K to run a good, reputible awards program that compensates judges and employees fairly for their work and expertise.


Who does the judging?

Our judging panels include experts from the fields of editing, design, reviewing, bookselling and library. Judging is based on content, originality, design, and production quality, with emphasis on innovation and creativity.


What do the winners receive?

Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in each category. Each medal-winning book receives a packet including the medal, a certificate, 20 foil award seals, an awards program and marketing material. The award is designed as a marketing tool, so we hope the most valuable aspect of the award is its promotional value and as a sales aid.


What do I send in my entry package?

Please send two copies of each book entered into an awards category. When entering a title into more than one category, please send two copies of the book for each category entered. Please include completed entry form and check/credit card info, or online registration receipt in the same package as the books, preferably tucked inside the front cover. You need not send any marketing kits, reviews or any other supporting material, as our judges are not allowed to see anything but the book itself.


Any Other Questions?

Send an e-mail to Amy Shamroe, Awards Director - amys[at]